Safety on Board

Safety equipments


The highest priority of Halong Sails is the cruise safety and security of its passengers and crew.With more than 57,670 thousands passengers cruising each year,the Halong sails takes every approriate measure to ensure that their guests are safe and experience very impressive trip in Natural Heritage site of the world – Halong bay.


In the restaurant

Life jackets are easily found and seen under the table in the restaurant

In the Cabin

There are at least 02 life jackets in each cabin. You can see it under luggage table or drawer of the bed

On The Sundeck

You can find both the lifebuoys and life – rafts on sundeck that are enough for whole passengers and crew on board

Other facilities

We have both fast tender boat and small motor boat. These boats can support passengers if needed

Emergency escape routes

If an accident occurs on the ship (Grounding, Flooding,Fire or other ),the captain and crew will give you more and deep explanation

Actions on hearing the general emergency signal:

Keel calm

Follow the instruction from captain and crew